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All information about animal health: Health manual

Animal health is for the cattle breeder an important theme. Firstly from economic perspective, but also because you want the best for your calves. 

Animal health reliant of different factors

Food, hygiene and good ventilation in the stable. It all contributes to animal health and the prevention of calves’ illnesses. At Alpuro Breeding you can find all the products you need for a successful stock rearing and an optimal animal health. From calf milk replacer with extra sour for the blocking of bacteria growth, to calf hutches with a lift system in order that you can clean the calf hutches easily.

Additional products

But sometimes you have to help the health of your animals a little bit. In this online health manual of Alpuro Breeding are a lot of common disorders that can occur at calves. Next to that you can find information about our additional products like several vitamin boosters. We also have calf milk replacer with certain properties to improve the animal health of your calves. 

More information

For more information about animal health and our additional products you can contact us. At Alpuro Breeding you can not only come for qualitative high performance products, but also for expert advice and an effective treatment plan when there are disorders.

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