Diarrhoea due to Cryptosporidiosis

Cryptosporidiosis is a parasitic stomach-intestinal disorder caused by Cryptosporidium spp.


Cryptosporidiosis is a parasitic stomach-intestinal disorder caused by Cryptosporidium spp. Usually the condition is seen in combination with viral or nutritional diarrhoea. See also diarrhoea. 


Cryptosporidiosis in beef is caused by Cryptosporidium parvum (intestine) or Cryptosporidium muris (abomasum). 


Cryptosporidiosis is an intestine disorder at young calves (5 to 20 days) caused by unicellular parasites. Cryptosporidiosis is usually seen in combination with viral or nutritional diarrhoea. The infection with Cryptosporidium spp. can calves get, already briefly after the birth (calving barn) at the dairy farm. This protozoan expands by means of a cycle in the host. On the other hand, there also finds an excretion of oocysts, which can lead to reinfection or infection of torque. 

By damage of the intestinal wall, it results in mild to severe diarrhoea. The diarrhoea is thin-slurry to watery or mucous with flakes and yellow-greenish in colour. Additives with blood may also occur. The calves are listless, have a reduced appetite and lose weight. If the diarrhoea lasts longer, the calves can dry out. 

The diagnosis Cryptosporidiosis can be confirmed with manure research. For more information about that, question Alpuro Breeding.


Halocur, a cryptosporidiostatic method of Intervet, has a registration to prevent the cryptosporidiosis in the beginning.

Besides that, one can fight the symptoms associated with the diarrhoea occur. For a description of the measures to should be taken: see diarrhoea treatment.
At a small infection a vitamin booster can help. The vitamin booster on herbal base gives good results at this stomach and intestine illness.

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