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Make the right choice for rearing your calf to a cow

Alpuro Breeding’s calf milk replacers stand for quality. From our comprehensive programme you can choose the calf milk which best suits your business operations. We are happy to help you make the right choice.

With antibodies
To provide energy
With 50% skimmed milk powder
100% milk protein and skimmed milk powder
Biological calf milk replacer
With skimmed milk powder
Bull milk
100% pure, acidified dairy milk
Inexpensive calf milk, rich in energy
Excellent price-quality ratio
Keenly priced

Calf milk replacer with a bonus

The calf milk replacers of Alpuro Breeding are top products for the highest growth. In addition to the regular milk powder, Alpuro Breeding has a milk powder with an extra extension, the ALCA Start. Curious what this might be? Take a quick look in our assortment of powdered milk. 

Feeding equipment 

In addition to calf milk replacer you can buy at Alpuro breeding also labor-saving feeding equipment of the highest quality. Especially during the busy morning and afternoon hours on your dairy farm is that no superfluous luxury.



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