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The first 14 days are crucial

In the first fourteen days of the young calf, the calves often have problems with diarrhoea. The diarrhoea is caused by an amount of pathogenic organism. The most important are; E-coli (bacteria), Rota Corona (viruses) and Cryptosporidium (intestinal parasite). Because the pathogenic organisms have the most changes in the first fourteen days, it is important that the calf has enough defence. With a good quality of feed, housing and hygiene, you can protect the calf against these pathogenic organisms. 

Alca Start: Alpuros Complete Antibodies Start

With antibodies

Contents: 23% protein and 19% fat

A healthy start is essential for an uncomplicated stock rearing. ALCA Start is the most luxury calf feed with antibodies. 

Filaments take care of a good intestine operation. In addition to antibodies and extra filaments, vitamins E and Selenium are added. 

The most important qualities of this product are:

  • A complete product for days 3 to 10
  • Contains extra filaments
  • Good decomposable at a temperature of 45ºC - 60ºC

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