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A good calf milk replacer is not good enough

A calf also needs concentrates. Alpuro Breeding’s calf concentrates give a calf all it needs. The development of a good rumen is very important. Early rumen development means high growth and good bone development.

From 0-30 days
From 0 up to the age of 3 months
From 0 up to the age of 3 months
From 3 up to the age of 6 months
From 3 up to the age of 6 months
Perfect for combining with roughage

A great start with the concentrates of Alpuro Breeding

Especially for the first 30 days of live we advise the Muesli Start Mix. Calves like this mix very much. You can also let them get used to Solo Start. The Alpuro Startbrok is a concentrate that can be feed in combination with roughage. The palatability of this starting chunk takes care of a good absorption of the first concentrate.

Solo Start and Follow Up

Our chunk is a very manageable and effective product: no heating, less working hours and an excellent growth. Our roughage chunk and Follow Up chunk can be feed unlimited to calves until 6 months. Our concentrates are known about their good absorption, which benefits the growth of the calves.


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