Several teat buckets

Colostrum management

For perfect freeze and storage of colostrum

Calf Feeder Trays

For feeding multiple calves at the same time


Assortment of teats

Sealing Rings

Assortment of Sealing Rings

(Teat) Bucket Brackets

Assortment of (teat) bucket brackets

Stable and Building Bucket

Useful for in and around the stables

Feeding Dish

Feeding Dish Green


Ideal for milk preparation!

Floating Teat

For a good suction reflex

Speedy Feeder

Handy colostrum bottle

Speedy Drencher

Handy buckling system

Milk Bottle

Transparent drinking bottle for calves

Feed Box hay and concentrates

Suitable for hay and concentrates

Lick Stone Holder

For hanging a mineral lick or lick stone

Hay Rack

Stimulates natural herd behaviour

Drinking bowl K50

Always fresh drinking water

Calf Coats

No energy loss due to cold

FlyMaster Fly management

Quickly and effectively get rid of flies

Medical Thermometer

Measurement is the key!

Digital Thermometer

Luxurious Thermometer

Contact and adress

Alpuro Breeding

Elspeterweg 60

3888 MX Uddel


Tel.: +31 577 40 81 11

Fax: +31 577 40 81 00

Calf rearing

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