Feeding troughs

Feeding bins of stainless steel or synthetic material

At Alpuro breeding you can order feeding bins for providing rough- and concentrates to your calves and lambs and sheep. They are available in different sizes. The feeding bins are made of synthetic material or stainless steel. Both materials are easy to keep clean. You can hang up to the feeding bins with the supplied brackets and you can use it immediately. 

Providing rough- and concentrates 

In addition to feeding bins you can also come to us for dry feeding bins. With a dry feeding bin the chunk remains fresh. A calf can eat the chuck unlimited, when the storage bin is filled.  

Feeding bins combine with hay-rack  

A feeding bin can work with a hay-rack or hay bin and can be placed calves stable. When your calves have unlimited fresh hay in a hay bin, it reduces the chance of calf diarrhoea by coccidiosis. With a tray, there is less on the ground and the calves always can have fresh hay. A hay-rack stimulates the herd behaviour of your calves.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Available with a diameter of either 30 or 40 cm
  • Fixing bracket included

Price (excl. VAT and possible delivery costs):

Synthetic feeding trough Ø30 cm (fixing brackets included)    

200 cm      € 142,00
 250 cm      € 153,00
 300 cm      € 160,00 
 350 cm      € 167,00 
 400 cm      € 194,00 

Synthetic feeding trough Ø40 cm (fixing brackets included)   

200 cm      € 165,00
250 cm      € 174,00
300 cm      € 185,00 
350 cm      € 196,00
400 cm      € 224,00 

Toebehoren (apart verkrijgbaar)

Eindschot voertrog     €18,25
Bevestigingsbeugel    €16,25
Emmerrek per dier     €12,45

Stainless steel feeding trough (fixing brackets included)   
Price on request

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