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Hay rack

Hay-rack or hay bin for calves - everything for the calf rearing

A hay-rack or hay bin for in your calf hutches, you can order online quickly and easily at Alpuro Breeding. We are specialist in calf rearing and deliver all supplies for the calf rearing. We select all our products for quality and longevity, working convenience and animal welfare. 

Hay-rack for calves 

With a Hay rack or hay bin you can stimulate the natural herd behaviour of your calves. A hay bin reduces the chance of calf diarrhoea by coccidiosis because with the recovery tank less hay falls to the ground. The calves have thus always fresh hay. Our hay-rack is sturdy and with its brackets it is very easy to attach. 

Calf milk replacer, feed concentrate and hay

In addition to hay-racks and hay bins, you can also come to us for feeding bins and concentrate feeding bins.

  • Size 1000cm x 62cm x 40cm (W x D x H)
  • Easy to fasten with the fixing brackets


Price (excl. VAT and possible delivery costs):

Hay rack: € 90,00

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