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A calf that does not feel well, needs a helping hand

Alpuro Breeding has a big assortment of additional products. A good rearing can only be realized, when all calves are healthy. The additional products give the calves a helping hand. 

First need after calving
Antibodies in a tube
Additional dietary feed
Herb booster
Vitamins and minerals
For healthier airways and a better appetite
Regulate water balance
12 Hour colostrum
Positive influence on the digestion
Up to 2 times faster umbilical cord dry down

Additional products

Sometimes there is a calf of which you as cattle farmer, can see that the animal is not comfortable in its skin. By giving the calf extra vitamins and minerals, it might be just that kind of push that it needs, in the right direction. Products like Alvital and Altop are ideal for these situations.


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Alpuro Breeding

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3888 MX Uddel


Tel.: +31 577 40 81 11

Fax: +31 577 40 81 00

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