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The first 14 days are crucial

In the first fourteen days of the young calf, the calves often have problems with diarrhoea. The diarrhoea is caused by an amount of pathogenic organism. The most important are; E-coli (bacteria), Rota Corona (viruses) and Cryptosporidium (intestinal parasite). Because the pathogenic organisms have the most changes in the first fourteen days, it is important that the calf has enough defence. With a good quality of feed, housing and hygiene, you can protect the calf against these pathogenic organisms. 

Alca Pasta

The antibodies of Alca Start in a handy injector

  • Contains antibodies
  • Can be used preventive
  • Suited for calves in the first 10 days
  • To apply oral easily
  • The handy injector with a dosing ring makes it easy to get the right amount to dose

Alca Pasta is packed in boxes of 12 or 60 pieces

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