Alpuro Breeding, specialist in calf rearing!

The total concept of Alpuro Breeding provides the farmer with almost everything he/she needs for successful calf rearing. Practical and efficient, not only top-quality products but also a comprehensive package of professional advice and counselling.

We can provide the farmer with any or all of the following:

  •     A visit every 5 weeks
  •     Advice in the fields of nutrition, diseases, housing and ventilation
  •     A treatment plan for diseases
  •     Growth measurements
  •     Smoke tests when experiencing problems with ventilation
  •     Assistance with calibrating and setting automatic feeders
  •     Our concept of a barn for young cattle 

Calf milk

It starts with a good calf milk replacer. Quality is the number one priority at Alpuro Breeding. Our calf milk replacer meets with the highest quality standards and has been thoroughly tested and checked. Our range of calf milk with its own specific properties can be geared not only to the calf but to the farmer as well. By mutual agreement the calf milk chosen will be the one that is best suited to the business operation and the purpose of the calf rearing. 

Calf concentrates

It is important to develop a good rumen. Our programme contains several calf concentrates which provide for this. For example there is a tasty muesli; a total roughage and calf concentrate replacer for calves up to the age of 3 months and a follow up pellet for calves up to the age of 6 months. 

Supplementary products

Sometimes things do not go as well as anticipated in the business operation and the calves need a helping hand.  If the calves become ill or do not get off to as good a start as expected, they will need some extra energy. For situations like these, we have supplementary products which provide the animals with vitamins and minerals to make up any shortages. 


As well as adequate nutrition, another very important factor in calf rearing is their housing. During the first 14 days of their life the calves must be housed individually in order to prevent the spread of diseases as much as possible. This is why Alpuro Breeding has developed a complete range of housing; from single calf boxes to complete (mobile) stables. With the various options, you will almost certainly find a suitable solution for your business. 


With many years of experience in the rearing of millions of calves Alpuro Breeding has gained a lot of knowledge and used this knowledge to optimize the rearing. Research and development continues to be carried out on ways to optimize calf rearing.  We believe it is our duty to gather together all the information and make it available to you.  Our calf rearing specialists are ready and waiting to provide you with all their practical knowledge and a comprehensive service.


Contact and address

Alpuro Breeding

Elspeterweg 60

3888 MX Uddel


Tel.: +31 577 40 81 11

Calf rearing

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